Two brothers.  One dream.  And a desire to break the mold.

How Inline Plastics became a world leader in quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Innovation from the start.

Our founders, Rudolph Orkisz and his brother Gene, settled in Bridgeport, CT, after leaving Poland in the late 50s. They took jobs at the local foundry, where they began to see an emerging industry centered on the manufacturing of patterns, castings and other components. Always an innovator, Rudolph realized the potential this new industry presented, and soon he and Gene began making molds for local businesses out of his basement during off hours.

It wasn’t long before the brothers left the foundry to work full-time at their growing business, which they named the R&G Mold and Pattern Company. By the late 60s, the company had expanded, hiring extra staff, purchasing a thermoforming company and moving into a new, larger location.

We were well on our way.


In the mid-1970s, Gene passed away. Rudolph continued to expand the business in his brother’s honor. He moved us to an even larger facility in Milford, CT, so that we could better serve the growing number of clients who needed our molds.

Inline Plastics is born.

One of R&G Mold’s largest clients at the time was packaging maker Inline, and by the early 1980’s we were devoting 100% of our resources to filling Inline’s needs. At that point, R&G Mold ceased to exist as a separate company and became part of Inline Plastics. The foundation of our early success was just around the corner.

The introduction of Surelock® packaging was our first game changer. The product took the foodservice market by storm and its huge success led to even faster growth for our company. We added another manufacturing facility and began expanding into international markets–including our founders’ birthplace, Poland.

In the late nineties, Rudolph passed away and his son Tom became our new leader. He vowed to maintain the company’s success and strong values, and he did.

In 2004 Inline Plastics expanded again and we opened a 109,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Utah. After years of surging success in the U.S., the decision was made to narrow our focus to only North American sales. Inline Plastics sold Inline Poland and began to hone in on U.S.-based needs. This led to the creation of our next game changers, the innovative Safe-T-Fresh® line, and most recently, the high-end Crystal Fresh® line.

A steady focus on sustainability

As our success has grown, Inline Plastics has become more and more committed to the environment that sustains us all. In fact, we have won award after award for our innovations and our sustainability. And after more than four decades we truly feel like we are just getting started.

We’re glad to have you along for the ride.