We not only master automation. We share it.

People love our packaging, but that’s not all we’re known for. Inline Plastics is the only thermoformed container manufacturer in the industry that can also provide you with proven packaging automation solutions as well as best in class packaging. That means a complete, packaging solution that can get your products into the market with less effort, more efficiency—and even more cost savings.


An Out-Of-The-Box Packaging Solution For You


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Our automation systems and equipment options include:

  • Reciprocating Placer & Product Loading Conveyer
  • Automatic Locking Device
  • Tamper-Evident Labeling System
  • Safe-T-Fresh® High Speed Closing Machine
  • Safe-T-Fresh® Hand Closer

Reciprocating Placer

Dispense. Place. And transport your product. Faster than ever.


Get your product from A to B faster and more efficiently than ever. Inline Plastics' reciprocating placer is an innovative machine that takes containers from a stack and dispenses and places them quickly and easily onto our Product Loading Conveyor.

Working with the best manufacturers, we’ve integrated our top-of-the-line reciprocating placers with our complete automation line to deliver a system that reliably and accurately dispenses, places, and transports clamshell packaging more efficiently.

We have systems available to satisfy production speeds up to 120 units per minute. An added bonus is that the equipment setup and changeover time can typically be completed in less than 10 minutes. Get a move on it. Make it yours today.

Product Loading Conveyor

Loads your product the Inline way.

You’ll be amazed at what custom automation can do for your throughput—and your bottom line. Our Product Loading Conveyor makes loading your product into our packaging fast, efficient and effortless. We design and engineer loading conveyors that are application specific and can be tailored to the unique needs of your product. Let us handle the difficult tasks like loading tall lid containers and other situations that don’t work well with standard conveyors.

Our design engineers leave no stone unturned in their efforts to insure that proper integration with our reciprocating placer and our patented automatic locking device is achieved allowing for smooth, consistent transitions from one piece of equipment to another. Our conveyors can also be equipped with quick changeover guide rails, too, that will allow you to run a multitude of packaging with minimal setup time.

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Seals the deal. 120 times a minute.

When you close and seal faster, your productivity soars. The Inline Plastics Automatic Locking Device (ALD) is our patented conveying system that quickly and efficiently closes all of our Surelock® and Valu Pack® clamshell containers—saving you labor, time and costs.

This innovative, continuous motion conveyor features adjustable guide rails, a lid closing rail, and container locking wheels. It is stunningly quick, too. Our ALD is capable of closing Inline hinged containers at rates up to 120 units per minute! You’ll quickly wonder how you ever managed without it.

Note: Automated closing of our Safe-T-Fresh® containers requires the use of the Safe-T-Fresh® High Speed Closer and automatic closing of our perimeter seal containers requires a Perimeter Seal Automatic Locking Device.


Keep it safely closed until it’s in the customer’s hands.

Want a fast, easy way to label your product and keep containers tamper-free? We have you covered. Our tamper-evident labeling systems can integrate with our automated packaging system to apply a wrapped label to the front edge of our PET clamshell containers. It keeps your product safe and secure until a customer breaks the seal.

This innovated system can accommodate many label positions including top and bottom labeling, which is the easiest and most common way to apply labels. An optional container rotation feature rotates the container so other labeling options are available, including leading front side application in which the label tapers away to the bottom, providing a unique label look. Additional labeling option include C- Clip front wrap or TELS wrap labels.

With our system, you have many ways to customize your packaging while keeping it closed and tamper free.


Our closing system opens up all kinds of productivity.

This automation innovation closes the deal on our rectangular Safe-T-Fresh® containers up to 200 times per minute! That means more product throughput and bigger cost savings for you.

The Safe-T-Fresh® High Speed closer is a powered conveyor featuring components that will close all rectangular varieties of Inline Plastics’ Safe-T-Fresh® tamper evident, tamper resistant containers. It boasts an improved design that can close 6oz. - 16oz. containers up to 200 units per minute, while closing larger 20oz. - 32oz. containers at speeds up to 100 units per minute. Plus, it offers a unique feature that purges excess air from the containers as it closes them.

Our High Speed Closer is versatile, too. With a modular design, it can be used alone, or mated easily to a packing conveyor or labeler. Changeover between container sizes is quick and easy (with no tools needed) while its continuous motion allows for random product feeding.



Want faster closing? Let us give you a hand.

If your operation requires manual closing, we have an option just for you. Our Safe-T-Fresh® Hand Closer is designed to increase your productivity and throughput—while allowing for fast changeover between containers and sizes.

This innovative device assists in manually closing Safe-T-Fresh® containers faster than you could by hand. It can be adapted to close any containers in the Safe-T-Fresh® line, while purging excess air from the containers to seal in freshness.

It reliably engages all primary and secondary locks, too, to ensure tamper resistance, leak resistance and keep your product safe and secure, too. You’ll marvel at how beneficial you’ll find this helping hand.



What solution works best for you?

Each of these innovative solutions is backed by our skilled engineering support team. We handle the initial system setup, training for you and your staff, and offer ongoing technical support for the life of the system. Contact us to learn more today.