Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

Innovation. You’ll see it in the unique Safe-T-Gard® Tear Strip Lock that brings built-in protection to our Safe-T-Fresh® line. In the snap over dome of our EZ Open® cake containers. And the molded-in hang tab on our Hangables® line.  Or in any of the innovative automation solutions we offer clients looking to improve manufacturing efficiency.


STARTING 45 years ago to today, innovation is in our DNA

  • Safe-T-Fresh® Hangables®
  • EZ Open® Cake Containers
  • Safe-T-Gard® Tear Strip Hinge


Our Hangables® line of Safe-T-Fresh® containers feature a unique molded-in hang tab that pops out when the container is closed so that it can be easily displayed on racks throughout a store. It’s an innovation that has made displaying and selling products easier for many of our customers.


Our EZ Open® Cake Containers are equally innovative. These unique containers, featuring a snap-over dome with base tabs, were developed to keep the icing on the cake from being damaged when the container is opened. Pretty sweet indeed.


One of our most celebrated innovations is our patented Safe-T-Gard® Tear Strip hinge on our Safe-T-Fresh® containers, an industry first. Created in response to the need in the food packaging industry for a tamper-resistant rigid plastic container, the tamper-resistant strip alerts a consumer if the package has been tampered with, while assuring a high level of leak resistance and eliminating the need for costly shrink bands.


Our list of innovations goes on.

From our Safe-T-Fresh®, EZ Open® cake containers and Hangables® line of products to our newer Sandwich Wedge and Grab & Go Cup containers, you’ll find innovation in everything we do. It’s been that way from the start, and it’s only getting better.