2500 panel solar project atop the Route 8 corridor headquarters facility to generate over 1.2 Million kWh of power annually


SHELTON, Conn. – October 31, 2017 – Inline Plastics Corp., the leading manufacturer of high-quality food packaging, along with EnterSolar, a leading New York-based provider of solar solutions to commercial enterprises, announced today the commencement of a 2500 panel, 965 kW rooftop solar system installation for the Shelton, CT corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility.

Drivers along the Route 8 corridor through Shelton will enjoy a bird’s eye view of the work-in-progress. The Inline Plastics’ facility sits along Canal Street, next to the Housatonic River, where Route 8 and Route 34 converge. The roof is easily visible from the highway overpasses.

Once completed, the system, which was designed and is being implemented by EnterSolar, will generate 1.2 million kWh of power annually. This is roughly 15% of what the facility uses each year. Both organizations estimate the project to take eight weeks, and expect to begin generating quiet and clean energy on-site around the start of the new year.

“This solar energy project continues our initiatives to utilize environmentally responsible and sustainable technologies in the manufacturing of our products,” explained Tom Orkisz, president and Owner of Inline Plastics. “Inline is proud to lead the way within our local and state communities by adopting clean and renewable power sources. Solar energy not only lowers our energy costs, it lowers our carbon footprint at the same time.”

The environmental benefits of the system are significant. By going solar, Inline Plastics Corp. will avoid 1,118,277 lbs. of CO2 annually, which is equivalent to saving 57,467 gallons of gas, or planting 483 acres of trees each year.

“We are proud to be working with Inline Plastics on the development of a significant solar system that will benefit not only their own operations but their greater Shelton-area community neighbors as well,” said Peyton Boswell, Managing Director, EnterSolar. “We are glad to be able to help their team fulfill their own mission of more environmentally sustainable manufacturing

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Based in New York City, EnterSolar is a leading provider of solar photovoltaic solutions to the commercial marketplace. Unique in its combination of business operations and solar expertise, the Company works with commercial enterprises to deliver optimal solar energy alternatives with compelling, long-term ROI. Expert in the dynamic legislative environment, EnterSolar provides clients with real-time guidance in order to best leverage financial incentives at the regional and state levels. In 2017, Solar Power World ranked EnterSolar the leading (#1) solar developer in New York State and in the top 10 nationally. For more information, visit www.entersolar.com

 About Inline Plastics Corp.

Inline Plastics Corp. (Shelton, CT), founded in 1968, is a leading manufacturer of high quality, crystal clear food containers made of easy to recycle PET packaging designed to most effectively merchandise fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, salads, a variety of grab-and-go foods, baked goods, and deli items. Inline Plastics Corp. also has the most complete line of automated equipment to load, close, and label our containers. For more information on the industry leader in tamper resistant containers, please visit our website http://www.inlineplastics.com.