Generating Your Specsheet

We have dedicated over 50 years to packaging innovation. Fully understanding how our customers use our product quickly became an important input into our development process.

It has been over 30 years since we added Packaging Automation capabilities to our portfolio. Our extensive experience with packaging a wide variety of primarily fresh food categories (from cut fruit to wet salads, baked goods to ‘on the go’ offerings…basically everything from soup to nuts) puts us in a unique position to be able to provide valuable insights to our customers.

So whether you have an existing packaging line – or are setting up a completely new one – Inline Automation Team can help! If Inline cannot make a piece of equipment you need – we will guide you in selecting the proper solution! Our focus is making it quick and easy for you to package your product into Inline Plastics Container!

Mastering Packaging Automation for 30 Years and Counting

Consultation, Planning and Packaging Process Design

Understanding our products and the countless ways they are used during the packaging process and how they are sold in the marketplace puts Inline Plastics in a unique position to provide valuable inputs into each customer’s unique packaging process design. Working closely with our customers, we design customized packaging solutions – be it starting from square one – or utilizing existing equipment and integrating new components. Once the equipment is up and running, the Inline team is on call should any issues arise. We also perform annual visits to ensure that the equipment is properly maintained for sustained, uninterrupted operation.

Upon alignment on presented CAD drawings, the Inline Plastics Automation Team obtains the necessary parts and develops customized equipment in house.
Once equipment is ready, Inline Plastics Automation Team provides full installation, training, and ensures that the line is running properly. If equipment needs to be integrated with existing automation, the Inline team ensures that the integration is smooth and flawless.

When to Consider Automation

1. Does your packaging operation require more than 2 full time people?

2. Does your operation process more than 2,000 packages per 8 hour shift?

3. Would you like to do more, or the same, volume in less time?

If you answer ‘yes’” to any of the questions above, contact our Automation Team today!

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