PET is reborn at Inline Plastics

Packaging For a Better Planet

Inline Plastics is the first PET food packaging manufacturer in the USA to provide product with post consumer content born from cutting-edge technology, recycling at the molecular level – known as chemical recycling

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Recycling at a Molecular Level

The chemical recycling process breaks down post consumer flake into its molecular building blocks: PTA & MEG molecules

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These post consumer molecules are then polymerized with virgin ones using an environmentally friendly ‘direct-to-sheet’ process

Through this proprietary process

plastic can be turned into clean, new plastic again and again, preserving quality, so it doesn’t have to end up in a landfill

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Our Commitment

We are dedicated to incorporating post consumer content into all of our products.

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By using rDPETTM vs PET, Inline Plastics…

Diverts close to

1 Billion

water bottles

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from the ocean and landfills annually

Generates over
50% energy savings when producing rDPET™

Decreases carbon footprint equivalent to 112,000 acres of forest per year

Saves greenhouse emissions equal to 233 million miles driven

reborn rDPET™ is a high performing food-grade packaging material containing post consumer content with the lowest carbon footprint on the market today

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