Generating Your Specsheet

The lowest carbon footprint plastic

Our key ingredient is rDPETTM, a high performing plastic with the lowest carbon footprint on the market today. Utilizing cutting edge technology, post consumer plastic is reduced down to it’s molecules- known as chemical recycling. The post consumer content is then infused into virgin sheet, creating high performance rDPETTM material.

An efficient proprietary manufacturing process removes 6 energy intensive steps, compared to standard rPET and PET, benefiting the environment. In the simplest terms, rDPETTM sheet is manufactured in a 3-step process. Compared to the traditional 9-step process to produce standard rPET and PET, this streamlined approach removes multiple steps and opportunities for a negative environmental impact from the equation.


Less Energy Used
Our streamlined approach means less energy needed to produce the same quantity

Less Plastic Used
rDPETTM, allows for tighter gauge tolerances, making thermoforming more efficient than rPET

More Product Clarity
rDPETTM haze value is better than rPET, maintains durability, performance, and is the clearest sheet containing post consumer content available