Generating Your Specsheet

Two Brothers Break the Mold

Like all successful entrepreneurs, Rudolph and Gene Orkisz recognized an opportunity. Settling in Bridgeport, CT after leaving their homes in Poland during the 1950’s, the brothers foresaw the growth potential of using patterns and castings in manufacturing. Starting as a basement operation, they established the R&G Mold and Pattern Company. During the 1960’s, they expanded, hired staff, and started thermoforming products as well.

R&G Becomes Inline Plastics

As the new company grew, Inline became one of its largest clients to the extent that they were devoting 100% of its resources to filling Inline’s needs. The merger of the two into one company occurred in the 1980’s and Inline Plastics was born. In the late 1990’s, Rudolph passed away and his son, Tom, took over leading this fast-growing organization.

Culture of Innovation

Under Tom’s direction, Inline Plastics developed a culture of industry-changing innovation that continues to this day. Surelock®packaging was the first product that took the food service market by storm and brought huge success, and even faster growth, to the company. This was followed by the introduction of the Safe-T-Fresh® line, which revolutionized the marketplace with the first tamper-evident and tamper-resistant packaging. Crystal Fresh®, PagodaWare® and SnackWare® are all recent innovative product launches that continue to solidify our position as an industry leader.

Constant Commitment to Sustainability

Through all the stages of our growth, Inline Plastics retained and expanded its focus on sustainability. Mindfully acting as responsible environmental stewards is at our core. The multiple awards for innovation and sustainability we receive attest to our continuous commitment to this goal. With over five decades of history and experience, Inline Plastics is positioned for a very bright future.

As our success has grown, Inline Plastics has become more and more committed to the environment that sustains us all.