Our PET Products are Certified!

Inline Plastics is proud to announce that our PET has been verified as made with 10% post-consumer recycled PET by an independent, neutral third-party, SCS Global Services.

Why did we certify the recycled PET content in our products?

Integrity, transparency, and customer satisfaction are defining characteristics of how Inline Plastics does business.

This third-party certification strengthens our claim of 10% post-consumer recycled material in all our PET products. By showing data behind our claim, we build trust with our customers.

How were the PET products assessed?

To achieve certification, SCS conducts an independent third-party audit of the organization and the products with recycled content. The audit checks for manufacturing data, processes, chain of custody procedures, material quantification and mass-balance calculations to determine conformance to the SCS Recycled Content Standard.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to incorporating post-consumer material into all our PET products.

Certification by SCS, as represented by the SCS Kingfisher, is a visual expression of ​​proven commitment to sustainability through environmental stewardship, ​​responsible resource management, and protection of people and communities.


Certified Product Families