SHELTON, Conn. – May 30, 2018 – Inline Plastics is the only producer of thermoformed food packaging containers that also develops and manufactures a complete line of custom automation equipment specifically designed to load, close and label its products. For more than thirty years, Inline Plastics has combined its industry leading containers with customizable automation systems to offer a complete packaging solution that gets products to the market, onto shelves, and into the consumers hands quickly and efficiently.

“The Inline Plastics Automation Department exists as an important engineering resource for our customers,” explained Joe Dyke, Inline Plastics Engineering Manager, Automation. “We create custom solutions, including start-to-finish production line CAD drawings, that integrate with any existing automation to meet our customer’s unique needs and budget. With labor costs on the rise, implementing and improving automation offers a quick return on the investment.”

Working with the Inline Plastics Automation team can also result in significant cost savings when compared to hiring a third-party engineering firm to design and build equipment from scratch. Inline Plastics’ automation solutions are already designed precisely for our containers, resulting in reduced procurement lead times and systems that are guaranteed to work. Plus, service is ongoing. “Our customer support extends beyond the installation,” Dyke added. “Customers can depend on us to assist with maintenance and upgrades as their automation needs evolve.”

Inline Plastics currently offers equipment that will dispense and place Inline Plastics containers onto a conveying system, close the containers, and apply labels to any surface on the containers, at speeds up to 200 units per minute. The automation equipment is constructed with high quality stainless steel tubing framework, with wash grade controls and conveyor motors.

In addition, the Automation Department can assist customers in evaluating and incorporating existing inkjet date coders, metal detectors, weight checkers, weigh and fill systems, and container de-nesters into their production line design plan. “Inline Plastics is committed to providing an out-of-the-box complete packaging solution for our customers. Let us help you improve efficiencies with less effort, that also decreases costs and increases savings,” concluded Dyke.

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