SHELTON, Conn. – August 22, 2019 – Personal responsibility for the environment is a core value for Inline Plastics and its employees. Last week, the Research, Development & Engineering (RD&E) and Marketing teams put their hands and feet into action. These dedicated employees visited Silver Sands, the local town beach in Milford located just two miles from the company’s Innovation Center, and spent an hour collecting and removing trash and debris. Once finished, the Inline team hauled away 95 pounds of trash and brought 116 bottles to be recycled.

“This short break from our work day made a significant impact to the cleanliness and environmental health of our neighborhood public park,” said Tom Orkisz, president and Owner of Inline Plastics. “Our employees are part of the community that enjoy strolling the Silver Sands boardwalk, taking in the ocean views and the beauty of this state beach. Working together we can make a difference; and our employees are committed to making this activity a regular occurrence to ensure it stays clean for everyone.”

Many of the visitors to the park, as well as park rangers, expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the clean-up efforts directly to the Inline staff as they worked.

The beach clean-up is one of many initiatives spear-headed by the company to foster and promote environmental responsibility and sustainability. In 2018, the company installed 2500 solar panels on its Shelton manufacturing facility, and in May of this year signed a two-year sponsorship with the Adopt A Highway program to fund the cleaning of the Route 8 corridor through Shelton.

“Our corporate commitment to sustainability spans from simple beach clean-up efforts to our dedicated innovation teams developing and utilizing new technologies that minimize waste, lower carbon footprints, and promote recycling across all of our product lines,” Orkisz added. For example, the company is adding “Please Recycle Me” in prominent locations on all new products to encourage and educate consumers that all Inline Plastics containers are curbside recyclable.