First Polypropylene Product Family Brings Tamper-Evidence/Resistance to Hot Food Applications

SHELTON, Conn. – June 1, 2022 – Customer and consumer focus groups have been clear. Tamper-evident packaging with the ability to protect hot food applications at the shelf, during third-party deliveries, and throughout the preparation and distribution process is needed. Today, Inline Plastics announced the launch of Safe-T-Chef®, an entirely new product family uniquely designed to add layers of protection while maintaining the temperature of warm and hot foods.

In 2020, Inline began market testing two versions of a tamper-evident container for hot fresh prepared foods. By leveraging the existing tamper-evident/tamper-resistant technology the company pioneered in its Safe-T-Fresh® product line, the R&D team challenge became how to incorporate that with a different substrate in order to protect and maintain the temperatures of heated foods. The solution is Safe-T-Chef®, the first polypropylene containers with the company’s patented tear-strip technology. Processors, retailers and consumers were impressed, and gave the green light for Inline to expand and bring to market an entire family of packaging options. 

Now, 12 options ranging in shape (rectangular, square and round) and capacity (from 12 to 35 ounce sizes) are available. This combination offers a packaging solution for anything from individual or family-size side dishes, to entrees, or even multi-course meals.

“Meeting current marketplace needs with best-in-class products is what Inline is known for,” explained Tom Orkisz, Chairman and CEO of Inline Plastics. “Take out, third-party delivery, and grab-and-go foods continue to increase in popularity, but consumers want the confidence of knowing that throughout all the touchpoints of prepared foods, there is an added layer of security. Safe-T-Chef® now offers that for hot applications.”

Additional feedback showed a universal preference for transparent, clear packaging. Consumers want to see their foods, and the recycling industry prefers it for ease of sorting and processing. “Our commitment to innovative products that align with our sustainability initiatives carried over into the development of this new line,” Orkisz added. To meet those goals, Inline created an all-clear, 360, smooth wall container. This design allows for an appealing presentation that is also extremely user-friendly, as polypropylene is safe for both microwave and dishwasher use. Consumers can also serve and eat the foods directly from the container without the need to transfer to another plate or dish.

Key features of the new Safe-T-Chef line include:

  • • Industry-leading tamper-evident and tamper-resistant technology
  • • Smooth, modern design with scoopable corners
  • • High clarity polypropylene with a 360 view
  • • Polypropylene is Plastic #5 Recyclable
  • • Vented and non-vented options 
  • • Leak resistant (non-vented options)
  • • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • • Single-piece clamshell design that allows for efficient inventory management
  • • Deep stacking rails for eye-catching multi-level merchandising
  • • SureGrip® technology for ease of handling and re-sealing
  • • Automation compatible with Inline Plastics equipment

The company is opening a new manufacturing facility in Conyers, GA, which will exclusively produce the new Safe-T-Chef® line. Safe-T-Chef® joins Safe-T-Fresh® and Essentials as the third brand in the Inline Plastics portfolio.

Restaurants, convenience stores, food service, supermarkets and processors can now give consumers a packaging option that ensures the quality, freshness, and security of the hot foods inside.

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About Inline Plastics

Inline Plastics is the leading manufacturer of innovative, high quality, crystal clear, food packaging containers. The company transformed the marketplace with their Safe-T-Fresh® line, a tamper-resistant and tamper-evident product which utilizes their patented tear-strip technology, providing retailers and consumers with greater product protection. They continue to design and manufacture packaging solutions that keep food products safe, fresh, and enhance shelf merchandising. The company also offers the most complete line of automated equipment to close, lock and label their containers. Headquartered in Shelton, CT, Inline Plastics celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2018. For more information on their vast line of award-winning products, visit  

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