Safe-T-Fresh® Microwaveables Highlights

Secure stacking with interlocking base features
Venting Solution
Specially designed vents will activate when pressure builds inside the container
Microwave Safe
Polypropylene material prevents condensation & elevates visual appeal
Superior Clarity
Increases impulse purchases & promotes repeat sales

Safe-T-Fresh® Microwaveables Features

Inline's first Microwaveable™ Safe-T-Fresh® Tamper Evident, Tamper Resistant polyproplyene containers

Upscale design with excellent food visibility to feature product value

Simply close the clamshell to achieve tamper evidence and ensure product safety

Easy to use, microwave safe, dishwasher friendly

Sustainable packaging - 100% recyclable
Single clamshell streamlines inventory management

Perimeter seal prevents leaking during transport and maintains product freshness

Intuitive tear strip tabs make containers easy to open

Made in the USA