Safe-T-Fresh® PagodaWare® Highlights

Modern, Unique Design
Pagoda really stands out on the retail shelf
Find your Size
Ranging from 8 to 64 fl oz, dome and flat lids, we have what you need
Enhanced Stackability
Impressive and impactful presentation at Point of Sale
Whether on the go, shopping or taking out, perfect for many markets and applicatons
Exceptional Clarity
Provides clear view of contents from any angle
100% Recyclable DPET™
#1 recycled material accepted by all curbside recycling bins

Safe-T-Fresh® PagodaWare® Features

Patented Safe-T-Fresh Technology

Tamper Evident / Tamper Resistant

Leak Resistant

Patented Freshness Seal

Easy to Open, Easy to Reseal

Impressive 360° Clarity
100% Recyclable DPET™

Beveled Corners

Solid Construction

Smooth Surfaces

Single Piece Clamshell

Made in the USA

SureGrip® Technology

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