Safe-T-Fresh® SnackCups Highlights

Grab and Go
Perfect for snacking in the car or eating on the go
Expansive Selection
Ranging from 8 to 16 fl oz that are insert compatible with dome lids, flat lids, square lids and even vented options
Display your Food
Utilizing our counter top and floor racks for enhanced merchandising
Perfect for many markets and applications
100% Recyclable DPET™
#1 recycled material accepted by all curbside recycling bins

Safe-T-Fresh® SnackCups Features

Patented Safe-T-Fresh Technology

Tamper Evident / Tamper Resistant

Patented Freshness Seal

Easy to Open, Easy to Reseal

Leak Resistant
100% Recyclable DPET™

Solid Construction

Single Piece Clamshell

Improved Shelf Life

Made in the USA

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