Essentials SureLock® Highlights

All our PET packaging is made with 10% post-consumer recycled PET
Endless Possibilites
From cakes to cookies, pastries and muffins to deli and produce; flat, shallow, and dome lids, two tone options and even multiple compartments, we have a perfect assortment capable of any need
SureLock Security
Double line locks provide maximum security and prevent lids from opening while on display
Unique and Sanitary Design
Sanitary lid design overlaps base to keep out crumbs and other contaminants
Efficient and Stable Stacking
Conserves valuable in-store shelf space
100% Recyclable DPET™
#1 recycled material accepted by all curbside recycling bins

Essentials SureLock® Features

Secure and Stackable

Easy to Open, Easy to Reseal

Exceptional Clarity

Solid Construction
100% Recyclable DPET™

Labeling Friendly

Processor Friendly

Automation Compatible

Single Piece Clamshell

Made in the USA