Essentials Visibly Fresh® Highlights

All our PET packaging is made with 10% post-consumer recycled PET
Expansive Selection
From bakery, deli and produce to sandwiches and sides, and with the options of single or multiple compartments we have the container you need
Enhanced Clarity
Minimal ribbing makes contents stand out and increases impulse purchases
Intuitive Design
Textured grip tabs allow for easy opening
Efficient and Stable Stacking
To allow for eye-catching displays
100% Recyclable DPET™
#1 recycled material accepted by all curbside recycling bins

Essentials Visibly Fresh® Features

Secure and Stackable


Easy to Open, Easy to Reseal

Exceptional Clarity

Solid Construction
100% Recyclable DPET™

Freshness Seal

Processor Friendly

Automation Compatible

Single Piece Clamshell

Made in the USA

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