Safe-T-Fresh® Rectangles Highlights

All our PET packaging is made with 10% post-consumer recycled PET
High grade rDPET™ material containing post-consumer content from Advanced Recyclingreborn
Smooth Walls
New refreshed design on select rectangles makes contents center stage
Modern Design
Large selection of newly refreshed rectangles (TS20-TS64)
All Purpose
Generous portfolio to support a wide range of markets
100% Recyclable
#1 recycled material accepted by all curbside recycling bins
Expansive Selection
Ranging from 6 to 128 fl oz with hangable and vented options
Patented Technology
First innovator of tamper evident / tamper resistant container
Robust Design
Built for stacking
Vented Options
Perfect for a broad variety of applications

Safe-T-Fresh® Rectangles Features

Modern design and smooth walls showcase contents

Produced with energy efficient rDPET™ made in part with post consumer content

Now Available on select SKUs (TS20, TS24, TS32, TS35, TS48, TS64)

Coming Soon - TS6, TS8, TS12, TS16
Patented Safe-T-Fresh® Technology

Exceptional Clarity

Leak Resistant

100% Recyclable

Processor Friendly

Automation Compatible

Single Piece Clamshell

Made in the USA
Rectangles Brochure Mockup

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